Here at Watseka Ford Lincoln, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated for we're here to serve you the best way possible. Click on the link below to e-mail us with all of your comments & concerns.


"We have traded vehicles every 2-5 years, and have purchased Ford, GM and Toyota products.  Ford products are as good as it gets and the sales person was outstanding in professionalism and knowledge.  Overall, an excellent experience." - Silas Light 2013 Ford Escape 



"Extremely pleased!  Everyone I worked with was very helpful!  I also LOVE my new car!" - Jennifer Keigher 2013 Ford Fusion



"The salesman Steve Hannay was friendly, professional and made us feel very comfortable through the whole purchasing process." - Robert Howe 2013 Ford Fusion



"Tim Ward and his staff are amazing individuals.  I have a lot of trust in all of them." - Scott Good Service



"Great job!  Always enjoy stopping in." - Robert Arvin 2013 Ford F-150  



"Jake Ladd was a very helpful salesman. He wasn't pushy and was there to answer any questions that I had about the vehicle. When it came time for me to take my vehicle home with me the men in the shop were already gone for the day and there wasn't a front bracket for my license plate. Jake was quick to call Ford in Bloomington (where I live) to see if they would put it on for me. Since I didn't want to do that I came back to Watseka the following weekend to get my bracket put on. One of the men working in the shop let me drive his personal vehicle so I could get home to get my mom to work on time and when I got to his vehicle it said zero miles till empty. So instead of taking his car I called for a ride. Jake saw me standing there and I told him what happened and he quickly offered to let me take his vehicle and said he would bring mine to me once it was done. Jake is a very nice salesman and I would feel confident to buy a car from Jake and Watseka Ford again in the future." - Stephanie Janssen 2013 Ford Fusion



"Outstanding Dealership!!" - William Pitchford Service  



"Trust in service is everything!" - Norman Pounder Service  



"Great place, great people, great service!" - Richard Galloway Service  



"Good people to work with from front to back.  I trust them!" - John Braden Service



"We will buy their again, they know how to treat people." - William Marana 2013 Ford F-150



"Watseka Ford has excellent people and is an excellent atmosphere.  I will buy from them again and would definitely recommend and refer them to others." - Kimberly Galloway 2012 Ford F-150



"Jake Ladd was my sales person on all 5 vehicles I bought there.  He is an excellant salesman and the only one my wife and I deal with.  He is cheerful, kind and will work with you to get you the vehicle you want." - Mr. & Mrs. Auxier 2013 Ford Focus  you want." - Mr. & Mrs. Auxier 2013 Ford Focus 



"I had a special auto in mind and they found it for me.  Very good!" - James Kuipers 2013 Ford Taurus  



"Standard of Excellence!" - Carol Pugh 2013 Ford Focus


"Our salesman was very courteous without heavy pressure which seems to be the normal at most dealerships." - Patrick McTaggart 2012 Ford F-Series


"Sales staff and service staff are always friendly and I will buy my next vehicle there." - Abraham Bakker Service


"My wife and I were completely satisfied with our buying experience at Watseka Ford. In fact this was my 10th or 11th purchase at Watseka Ford. We really love the new C Max se. It is a fun vehicle to drive and the gas mileage is good at this time. We have about 800 miles on the vehicle, and the average mpg is about 37 mpg. Hopefully this will go to 47 after the break in period." - Robert Cluver 2013 Ford C-Max


"They did a fantastic job! Best dealership around!" - Melissa Cooper 2012 Ford Fusion


"Watseka Ford is always considerate of my work schedule and goes above and beyond meeting my needs and ALWAYS makes sure I have transportation. They know me and my vehicle and take special care to keep me safe in a reliable vehicle." - Donna Crouch Service


"Excellent, helpful, quality service!" - John Duncan Service


"Our sales associate, Derek Farris, was very knowledgeable and explained and demonstrated everything to us. He has since kept in touch to make sure we are loving our car and have no questions or concerns that he did not cover. I will send everyone I know to buy from Derek at Watseka Ford!" - Maria Papadopoulos 2012 Ford Focus


"The staff at Watseka Ford was Exceptional! I value a dealer with the Courtesy and Committment to the Customer. This dealership is Truely one that I would recommend to my family and friends! Steve found the exact vehicle I requested. I had recently searched another dealership for my Escape and they did not assist me in obtaining one. Thank you Watseka Ford for your diligence in finding exactly what I wanted!" - Michelle Kindig 2012 Ford Escape


"Very pleased with thte quality of vehicle and Watseka Ford." - Nicholas Peters 2012 F-Series


"Very good... good people at Watseka Ford!" - Mr. & Mrs. Blaney 2012 F-Series


"Everything was perfect and I highly recommend Buffy as she allows us to be perfectly honerst with her about what we want and what we like and shows us the vehicle that fits us AND our budget to a T!!! She knows what our family of 4 needs as we grow and change over the years and I will never go to another dealership again!" - Mr. & Mrs. Blumberg 2012 Ford Fusion


"A pleasant experience!" - Norman Pounder 2012 Ford Focus


"Everyone on staff was friendly and went out of their way in assisting me. I felt comfortable and good when I was there and left a happy customer." - Ashley Miller 2012 Ford Mustang


"I had an enjoyable time overall and will purchase from this dealership in the future." - Al Collins 2012 Ford Fusion


"Everyone treated us with the most respect and politeness and very courteously." - Johnny Williams Service


"Very pleased. Would recommend! My friend just purchased a 2012 Edge at Watseka Ford - her second car in a row from them. Her first was a 2007 Mercury Milan." - Amy Voigt Service


"Excellent, no pressure experience. I will definately buy vehicles there in the future." - Bryan Adwell 2012 Ford Focus


"Everything was great!" - Bill Peters 2012 Ford Explorer


"I live about an hour away from the dealership. Almost all details of ordering and purchase were arranged through email and telephone. They save me a lot of time and trouble by working with me this way and saving me multiple trips to the dealership." - Robert Benoit 2012 Ford F-150


"We, my wife and I, always feel welcome at Watseka Ford. Derrick is soooo helpful with the technology questions that come up from time to time. John always manages to include personal questions or statements making us feel like he cares about us!" - Mr. & Mrs. Schroeder 2012 Ford F-150


"We got the vehicle home and on the 2nd morning when I tried to start it to go to work, it didn't want to start very well. It wouldn't "turn over". We took it back in the next day after it happened again. They had to order 2 new sensors for it and we were getting ready to leave on a trip. Since we couldn't drive our new vehicle, Watseka Ford was so helpful in giving us a loaner to drive (the same type of vehicle since we needed the extra space). They are awesome to work with and we feel the service departmentt is fantastic. They changed a worrisome situation into a positive one for us!!!" - Becky Burklund 2012 Ford Explorer


"If I ever want another truck, I'll go back to Watseka Ford. All I've ever owned is 4 vehicles, all 4 were F-Series trucks. I still have my 1985 F-250, it still looks and runs great" - Donald Stripe 2012 F-150


"We love Watseka Ford! We have bought a couple vehicles and have been very satisfied!" - Kyle Gard 2012 Ford Escape


"The staff was very friendly and helpful!" - Maxine Martell 2012 Ford Fusion


"My sales person was amazing! And so was the staff. They were very friendly every time I walked in and bent over backwards to be sure I was happy. The manager met my price that I wanted and the Finance person explained everything in detail. What is usually a 2 hour buying session turned into a half hour session. Everything was ready and very organized. I was a die-hard Chevy guy - one that never gave a second thought to a Ford, and after driving the Ranger it really opened my eyes to what Ford has to offer. The only reason I went into the Watseka Ford was because 3 people recommended me there and they all told me to talk to the same sales person - Buffy. If it wasn't for her I probably would still be driving a Chevy. She is a wonderful salesperson. I had an awesome experience at Watseka Ford and will go back there any time I need a new vehicle." - Lucas Papineau 2011 Ford Ranger


"Friendly and very good!!" - Gaylord Gash 2012 Ford Focus


"I take care of any minor problems myself, but if there is a problem I can't handle Watseka Ford will take care of it." - John Wilkening Service


"Watseka Ford has earned my business . Tire repair is also a wonderful service !!" - John Braden Service


"Very Good!" - Wayne Baker 2011 Ford Taurus


"We were very impressed with our sales experience, and liked our salesman, Mike, alot. We also love the truck...it rides like a dream!!" - Dennis Walwer 2011 Ford F-150


"Overall, very good!" - William Pieske 2011 Ford F-350


"Excellent Service!" - Terry Sather Service


"Great overall experience! We have purchased 4 vehicles from Watseka Ford and have sent multiple people there to purchase new vehicles. We will never buy from any other dealer. Keep up the good work!!" - Jeremy Gard 2011 Ford 1-150


"The experience was great. Steve was wonderful. I told him what I wanted and he did everything to find the car. It is the fastest and easiest experience I have ever had buying a car. I will definitely keep Watseka Ford and Steve in mind when I need another car." - Mary Pray 2011 Ford Flex


"I thoroughly enjoyed my sales experience and I love my new F-350 Super Duty!" - Brandon Lanoue 2011 Ford F-350


"Everyone at Watseka Ford was real kind and courites. They have a real frindley staff and me and my wife really had and enjoyable experiance there. We have always taken her windstar there for repairs we will always do business with them on any vehicle we own" - Christine Auxier 2011 Ford Focus


"The owner of the dealership, John Bell, with the help of his contacts at Ford assisted me in taking delivery in time to drive to Florida for a hunting trip. My F-150 4X4 got us to where we park the swamp buggy! It's nice to know FORD CARES!" - John Braden 2011 Ford F-150


"Very happy once again with the dealership! Sales person was excellant and serched to find every answer for our questions! Love the service of Watseka Ford another big reason we buy from them! No other product like a Ford in our opinion!" - Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kissack 2010 Ford F-150


"We were treated with respect." - Lela Milbourn 2010 Ford Edge


"Buffy was my sales lady. Very nice, polite, and helpful with sale of both car & truck we traded in, for ranger and edge." - Kenneth Schultz 2010 Ford Ranger & Edge


"Very comfotable." - Lester Williams 2010 Ford F-150


"I went to the Watseka Ford dealership because I was treated absolutely horrible by the sales and finance staff at Brown & Brown Chevrolet. I did not go to Court Street Ford in Bradley-Bourbonnais either because of a previous negative experience about 10 years ago (sales staff were rude and pushy). The sales people and finance department were very friendly, nice, and acted with the best courtesy that I have ever encountered when purchasing a new vehicle. This is my very first Ford, and the first of anyone in my family (my father is a Chevy man)." - Wendy Booi 2010 Ford Edge


"The sales staff was exceptionly courteous." - Keith Lillig 2010 Ford Fusion


"Buffy was extremely helpful! We weren't planning on purchasing this soon, but after talking with Buffy we decided that NOW was the time. We have been recommending Watseka Ford to all of our friends." - Wayne Weber 2010 Ford F-150


"Awesome people to deal with! My sales person was Buffy and she was great." - Darold Hall 2010 Ford F-250


"Everyone at the dealership was great. We would recommend our friends and family to Watseka Ford, and we will always look to them if and when we purchase another vehicle. I love the truck!" - Tamarra Madson 2010 Ford Ranger


"I like the salesman I had and I like the lady that helped with the loan. Best of all, Tim in the service department is why I come to Watseka Ford to start with. Tim is great!" - Royce Ballard 2010 Ford F-150


"We traded in an '06 STS Cadillac for a 2009 Lincoln MKS. We got such great service and we were so impressed with this dealership that we came back and bought a 2010 Ford F-150 King Ranch. I have always driven Chevy trucks. Very good dealership!" - Howard Lardi 2010 Ford F-150


"EXCELLENT!!!" - Patrick McTaggart 2009 Ford F-250


"Watseka Ford was by far the nicest dealership we delt with. We went to five dealers before we went to Watseka Ford." - John Ziller 2010 Ford F-150


"My entire experience with Watseka Ford was wonderful! From the conversations via phone and email - to the actual visit at the dealership. . . .it was obvious that customer service is a priority with them! I am so glad I found the vehicle on-line and made the two hour trip! Many thanks again to everyone at Watseka Ford!! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!" - Amy Phillips 2008 Ford Explorer


"We appreciated the professionalism and efficiency of the staff at Watseka Ford. It was in my opinion what a perfect internet sales experience should be....streamlined, professional, efficient, prompt and personalized. Everyone at the dealership was a pleasure to work with...John, John, Anissa, Buffy and everyone else...top notch service. We appreciated that after a long drive to the dealership we were able to meet those folks that helped make our experience so pleasant, yet were able to get processed and on our way in a jiffy. Thank you to all the staff at Watseka Ford." - Shawn & Jennifer Agan 2009 Ford Edge

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